Toe Fracture, Sacroiliac Problem and Osteoarthritis

Kathy Ulrich, DC, Albuquerque, New Mexico

I’m writing to thank you for the benefit myself and my patients have received from your healing patches.
I’ve used the FASTT Patches myself for broken toes and was amazed at the fast resolution. I’ve used the WHITEE patch for a chronic sacroiliac problem. I’m a 55 yr old Karate and Jujutsu practitioner and instructor. Even after the throws and break falls of 13 hrs/week workout. That sacroiliac has been symptom-free since the application of the WHITEE Patch. This sacroiliac problem had persisted for years in spite of my own knowledge & training as a chiropractic physician. Thank you so much!

One of my elderly patients, a women in her mid 80’s, has used the WHITEE Patch for her right knee. Her x-ray examination indicates bone-on-bone motion. Yet in her 2nd month with treatment she is once again capable of using her exercise stationary-bicycle. She is next considering applications to her shoulders and low back.

I am encouraging all students at my Karate dojo and all patients at my chiropractic office to use the FASTT and WHITEE patches. Thanks again!