I’m writing to thank you for the benefit myself and my patients have received from your healing patches.

....Kathy Ulrich


I wish to thank you personally for your carefully researched products. I think they are brilliant. I had a totally remission of pain in my wrist and a good increase in its range of motion as result of one treatment cycle with WHITEE Patches.

....Khaled Alfaqih, California


I would be happy to recommend the patches as I found them very effective in treating my osteoarthritis in both knees and now are trying them on my feet.

....Cyril, London


If you think surgery is the only option.... think again! The patches can help avoid surgery (intervertebral titanium implants) at Watford General and as most people have no idea what a disc hernia is, until either they or someone in their family gets one. Then they find out, of course - and thinking that surgery is a viable option to relieve the agony (it isn`t).

.....Howard (Japan)


I have dealt with severe back pain and sciatica for the last 3 months. I tried physical therapy and chiropractic care with no results. The doctor applied the Whitee patch and within hours the pain was gone! It's been 5 days and I can do any movement I want to with no pain. Thank you Wei Labs!

.....Mb (OHIO)