Severe Sciatic Pains

Port Angeles, WA

Patient Data: An 86 yr. old female with severe osteoarthritis and sciatica pain. The sciatica has been debilitating and she is allergic to all pain medications. Chiropractic care is no longer helpful and the doctors tell her there is nothing more they can do. The pain was causing some mild depression. Her disposition throughout her life has always been very good, and she has always had a very strong threshold for pain. (She had eight children). The sciatica really causes her to be bed-ridden.

History: At 78 yrs. the dog ran under her feet and she fell, hitting with her whole weight against the couch end on her shoulder. She brokeher collar bone. Multi-compound fractures were discovered in her spine. Her recovery was slow and not has successful. She never totally regained her strength and her activity level was diminished significantly. The sciatica started in this period. After several attempts to take the pain meds with severe reaction she started taking high doses of ibuprofen. At this time I offered the patches.

Treatment: After 1 week of using the WHITEE Patches and LC Balancer, she was off all ibuprofen. and her pain became tolerable. She is about 75-80% improved in 1 1/2 months. and able to move and do the things she normally does.