Persistent Low Back Pain

Arlington Heights, IL 60004

I just treated a 16 year old girl who had constant low back and sciatic pain and numbness in the left leg. She had this pain for 3+ years and has had back surgery as well as injections and physical therapy to try and resolve this problem. All attempts to date have met with little success. She was still in constant pain and numbness. With the first WHITEE Patch she said her pain was almost gone. Her Mother applied the second patch and she didn't feel a significant reduction in the remaining pain. The third patch, however, resolved the pain completely. I also gave her the bottle of LC Balancer you had sent along (thanks). I put her on a total of 6 patches and one bottle of LC Balancer per your instructions for administering this elixir of relief. She no longer has any pain and is free of any leg symptoms. She and her family are truly excited and thankful, as am I. Along with the Wei protocol we adjusted her with an activator, did laser therapy on the scar and nerve roots to up-regulate the nerve flow to the weak muscles and used wobenzym enzyme therapy. She was pain free within a week and a half. Not bad!

I was incredulous as the patches always gave relief to all who tried them before this. This was the first time I used them on a diagnosed disc. So when a failed disc surgery patient walked in I had to think about using the patches. I concluded we had nothing to lose and a lot to gain. Thanks again for your great product, and let me know if I can get the above sent to me. (I have another disc patient I am going to try them on).