Sprains and Bruises

A strain usually occurs when the muscles surrounding a joint are asked to stretch too far, lift too much weight, or move in such a way that they sustain very small tears. As a result of the tearing of the muscles and ligaments, there is usually a microscopic amount of bleeding into the muscle, which results in swelling and painful muscle spasms. Often the muscles that are injured will be tender to the touch. Pain and spasms are the body's way of telling you that a muscle has been injured and needs to be protected from further use. As a result, you should avoid using the injured muscles during this phase of acute pain, and help them to recover by resting, applying hot or cold packs, and possibly obtaining a gentle massage to help ease the spasms.


For muscle strains and first-degree ankle sprain, ACL(Anterior cruciate ligament) and MCL(Medial Collateral Ligament) sprains and other sprains with streched ligaments and local swelling in the acute phase, recovery should be achieved with treatment of a single FASTT Patch on the injured area.

For second-degree ankle sprains and other sprains with torn ligaments, local swelling and bruising, ACL/MCL tear, AC joint separations and contusions that are in acute conditions, recovery should be achieved with a treatment of 2 FASTT Patches.

Sprains in chronic conditions due to due to tendon injury require treatment with 3-6 FASTT Patches to heal the tendon injury. Sprains in chronic conditions due to cartilage injury in the joint require treatment with 3-6 WHITEE Patches on the joint area.