Knee Osteoarthritis

Donald Chu, PT/PhD, Director of Athletic Training & Rehabilitation
Stanford University, California

As a practicing physical therapist who has spent a lot of time participating in recreational sports over the last 20 years, I have incurred osteoarthritis in both knees. This is the result of 4 prior knee surgeries on my right knee and 3 on my left to correct orthopedic injuries. Despite rehabilitation, time and age has taken its toll. I would like to comment that the "WHITEE Patch" gave me relief above and beyond all conventional physical therapy treatments. I used the patches for 9 days with out much effect, but on the 10-12 days I noticed a significant reduction in the level of pain and inflammation. The most amazing thing is the lasting effect of the patches. I occasionally have a "flare-up" or twinge of pain after activity. A simple application of the patch for two consecutive days eliminates the pain and returns me to a much more comfortable state. I have recommended the "WHITEE Patch" for several of my patients and they have reported similar results. Herbal medicine is time tested in many cultures and I am pleased that I have had the opportunity to sample this herbal remedy for so aggravating a condition such as osteoarthritis.