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Product Overview

Please note we do recommend when using the patches you use a minimum of 3 - 6 patches per area so as to receive the healing benefit.

The FASTT PatchTM is a topically applied natural product. When placed on the injured area, the ingredients migrate slowly through the skin and accelerate the healing of acute and chronic injuries, as well as injuries caused by overuse. It speeds up injury recovery by increasing blood flow and lymphatic circulation. It also accelerates the necrotic tissue break down and other biological activities necessary for damage repair. Noticeable pain reduction generally begins within a couple of hours when treating an acute condition.

For minor injuries, an overnight recovery can be expected. Second-degree ankle sprains, muscle tears, AC joint separations that normally take up to one month to heal, can achieve complete healing in 5 days by using the FASTT PatchTM.

Tendonitis or a torn tendon due to repetitive use or sudden injury is very slow to heal and rarely regains its full strength, as tendons do not enjoy substantial blood flow. Doctors usually prescribe non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs when the condition is in the acute phase, and give corticosteroid injections to reduce pain and inflammation when the condition becomes chronic. If the injured tendon is unable to heal within 3 months, scar tissue and calcification may start to form. Tennis Elbow, Rotator Cuff, and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome are the most common examples. Using the FASTT PatchTM, it is now possible to reverse these conditions naturally and completely with full functionality in 2-3 weeks!

It typically takes 2 months to heal acute fractures. With the help of the FASTT PatchTM, the fracture can be healed within 2 weeks. There is no need for post-treatment rehab. FASTT PatchesTM can also help with stress fractures, non-union fractures and multiple compound fractures. If the bone has been broken, an orthopedic adjustment and a cast/splint are necessary for proper bone growth.


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