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::Tendonitis Treatment Protocol ::

Tendonitis is a condition of tendon inflammation that results from acute injury or overuse. Tendon damage that is the most difficult to heal is at the point where the tendon attaches to the bone. The low level of blood supply at this point is the primary reason that tendonitis is often difficult or even impossible to heal. The FASTT Patch heals tough to treat tendonitis and other tendon injuries by increasing the local blood flow and microcirculation, as well as by accelerating the local biological activities that are necessary for healing the injured area.
Tendonitis can be divided into two stages:
Inflammation stage: there is no apparent scar tissue or calcification (calcium deposits on the tendon)
Degeneration stage: there is apparent scarring and/or calcification
Inflammation Stage Tendonitis:
For inflammation stage tendonitis that is within 3 months of onset, a 3 FASTT Patch treatment should achieve complete healing. For inflammation stage tendonitis that is over 3 months of onset, a 6 FASTT Patch treatment is required for complete healing. If the patient is older, and the injury is caused by overuse, an additional 6 FASTT Patch treatment is required for complete healing. When treating this kind of tendonitis, patients may not feel immediate pain reduction after the application of one or two patches; so a minimum 3 FASTT Patch treatment is required in order to see improvement. Patients may also feel pain getting worse followed by pain reduction.
Degeneration Stage Tendonitis:
For degeneration stage tendonitis, the improvement after treatment of 3 FASTT Patches may be minimal, and an additional 6 or more WHITEE Patches may be required for further improvement. For such conditions, treatment results will vary significantly depending on the patient’s age and the age of the injury. Patients may achieve complete healing or just partial improvement.
Tendonitis Complicated by Joint Problems:
For tendonitis that is complicated by cartilage injury or early-stage osteoarthritis, patients may not feel any improvement after treatment with 3-6 FASTT Patches. A 3-6 WHITEE Patch treatment is then required.
Begin treatment with 3 FASTT Patches, and the following three outcomes will arise.
• Total pain elimination: Inflammation stage tendonitis (less than 3 months)
- No further treatment
• Partial pain reduction: Inflammation stage tendonitis (over 3 months)
- Treat with an additional 3 FASTT Patches
• No pain reduction: Joint problems or degeneration stage tendonitis
- Change to 3-6 or more WHITEE Patches treatment
- Use the supplement LC Balancer with patients over 50 (Joint patients only)

Medium FASTT Patches are recommended
for the following tendonitis conditions
Large FASTT Patches are recommended
for the following tendonitis conditions
Rotator Cuff tendonitis
Tennis Elbow
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Patellar tendonitis
Plantar Fasciitis
Groin-pull tendonitis Achilles tendonitis
Hip tendonitis

Wear each patch for 48 hours (2 days) and take a 24 hours break before applying the next one. Avoid using ice on or near a patch at any time. Ice will slow and interrupt the healing process. A heat pad is helpful. If there is herbal paste left on the skin after removal of the patch, apply some vegetable oil or any other cooking oil. Wait for 1 minute, and then wipe it off using tissue.